The PowderGate False Flag

The PowerGate affair is fully documented by The Expendable Project, in the PowderGate Report. However, the following article (extracts), by South East Asia News, presents an excellent summary:

From day one the media had covered the trial and sentence following her every move, and it would seem sometimes in secret as well. When we first heard about this incredible story back in October 8th 2004, most Australians could sense that something was definitely not right about the whole Schapelle episode.

To say there was complete outrage welling in the publics minds would be an understatement.

On June 2nd 2005, after months of pressure building on then Australian prime minister John Howard, he inexplicably took an unscheduled cancellation of his morning walk when he appeared on channel Sevens' Sunrise program to be interviewed about a breaking story; the first ever bio-terrorism attack on Australian soil announcing an Anthrax attack on the Indoensian Embassy delivered by white powder in an envelope. (Does this Modus Operandi sound familiar?)

This rage against the Australian Government's handling of her case (or lack thereof) and her treatment by Indonesian authorities at the time was publically at boiling point.

The faked anthrax attack was in effect yet another national false flag operation designed to get the people to shut their mouths about the Corby arrest or be known as a potential terrorist.

Essentially now anyone speaking out about Corbys' illegal and absurd incarceration could be a potential guilty party for the possible "powder attack" on the Indonesian embassy.

This event not dissimilar to the Bali bombings itself had effectively in one fell swoop silenced all discontent over the Governments bumbling and inaction of the case.
 ["The Indonesian Embassy will remain closed while further tests are carried out on a bacterial powder sent in a letter to the ambassador.

 Up to 50 staff members were quarantined for 12 hours in the building while they were decontaminated. They were allowed to leave, with none showing any early signs of sickness."]
Prime Minister John Howard said personally on Sunrise that early analysis of the powder determined it was definitely part of the Bacillus bacterial family, which ranges from a causative agent of anthrax to relatively harmless germs.

But he would not say definitely whether the substance was anthrax.

"It's being further analysed and when we know the results of that we'll be able to say something more" "But I'm not going to speculate."

This all occurred some eight months after Schapelle's arrest and was strongly suggested by all official accounts that this anthrax hoax event occurred as a result of public outrage over the handling of the Schapelle Corby case.

When this crime occurred, it silenced overnight the all dissent and questions surrounding suggestion of her guilt or innocence.

Approximately four days later in small print on page five on most state newspapers public attention was not highlighted to the fact that the so called "anthrax" attack was nothing more than a HOAX.

Public attention had been distracted by this breaking news story, and public rage had subsided now that anger against the Corby case had been proxy-linked with terrorism and more importantly John Howard himself had spread fear and terror and incited the spectre of terrorism amongst the community by announcing on national morning breakfast TV that a terrorist scenario was taking place on Australian soil (ie: powder linked to Baccillus family statement) a public statement that simply WAS NOT TRUE.

In essence John Howard had right there just broken the VERY terror laws about inciting fear and terror in the Australian community, that he himself had overseen the implementation of.


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