Crowd-Funding The Hidden Truth

Schapelle Corby is an innocent victim of political corruption. She has been brutalised and sacrificed for the worst of motives: to cover up a web of domestic Australian corruption which reaches to the heart of government itself. These are the facts which have been uncovered during a five year research period. They are facts which are being documented, in detail, by The Expendable Project.

However, obtaining further information, and taking it to the world, sometimes incurs costs. One cost is the purchase of transcripts. Another is advertising.

As none of these efforts are backed by a wealthy benefactor, or by a corporation, they rely totally upon contributions from the public (crowd-funding).

Please consider donating to this global effort. PayPal (and credit cards) can be used via the button below.

All donations will be used to promote People For Schapelle (Facebook), and The Expendable Project, thus increasing public awareness of the hidden truth. If you wish to contribute to the crowd-funding of the citizen's arrest project being organized by PoliticalPrisoner.TV, simply mention this with your donation, and it will be forwarded directly to the organizers.

Thank you for your support for these initiatives.

Further information: People For Schapelle

NOTE: The first major objective of this fund has now been met. The AAT transcripts have been purchased. Thus, future donations will be used to advertise and promote the People For Schapelle Facebook Group, and the Expendable movie (which, of course, is 'not for profit').


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I will donate as soon as payday arrives!

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