People For Schapelle

The following, recently posted on People For Schapelle, explains the background behind the forthcoming global project:

It is self evident that media smear and fabrication, hostile to Schapelle Corby and her family, has been unremitting. The efforts to present her as guilty, to present black as white, have been never ending. The facts, though, always speak for themselves in support of truth. The Schapelle.Net website presents some of them like this:

Schapelle Corby has no criminal record, has never been a drug user, and she tested negative for everything. Having worked so hard just to earn the money for the flight, to somehow obtain 4.2kg of marijuana would never have been possible.

But regardless, the idea that any drug dealer would:

  • place the drugs in a bag, and then slash the plastic bag open, to release the smell
  • chose to smuggle marijuana to a country where it is worth a tiny fraction of its Australian value
  • somehow transport, undetected, the pungent smelling bag through Brisbane Domestic airport, Sydney Domestic airport, and Sydney International airport, past check-in staff, sniffer dogs, x-ray machines, CCTV, police, customs and baggage handlers
  • put their full name and address on a bag of drugs before checking in
  • openly proclaim that they own a bag of drugs when it is selected by Indonesian customs
  • try to stop the police/customs handling and contaminating evidence which would convict the guilty
  • formally request that the marijuana be tested for country of origin
  • plead for DNA and fingerprint tests
  • refuse to even contemplate a plea bargain despite sentencing advantages
  • beg for CCTV footage from Sydney and Brisbane airports when even a single frame of a pregnant board bag would damn them
  • request footage from Denpasar airport which would have validated police claims... if they been truthful
  • act out a script so wonderfully at the show trial that they would sweep the board at any Oscar ceremony
  • and so very much more....

… the idea is clearly absurd.

Yet the inconvenient facts have been buried, and the truth has been shoved under the carpet. An innocent Schapelle Corby is still there, having been betrayed and deserted by her government.

This is the stark reality. It is what must be suppressed, and hidden from view, to stop the public asking those questions... the questions which are too hot for them to answer.

Why have these facts been hidden and suppressed for seven years? Why have the Australian government ignored the blatant and ongoing abuses of her human rights? Why have the Australian media been encouraged to smear and fabricate against an innocent woman? Why have the government ignored the shocking evidence of domestic corruption which is behind her case? Why has a traumatised woman, with serious psychosis, been left to die on a squalid cell floor?

There are two answers, because there were two pressing needs for the Howard regime in 2005.

ANSWER 1: International Appeasement
Australia’s relationship with Indonesia is of strategic importance, and it was already strained when Schapelle Corby was arrested. The Howard/Downer axis in the Australian cabinet would have faced destabilization of that relationship had they confronted the clear and brutal injustice. The stark truth is that they sacrificed an innocent citizen instead, in a calculated act of monumental cowardice and immorality.

ANSWER 2: Domestic Corruption
The criminality and drug syndication at Australian airports was systemic and institutional, and included baggage handlers, customs staff and the police (AFP). That Sydney Airport Corporation Ltd had only recently been privatised, and that it had Howard's former departmental head as its CEO, increased the potential for domestic political damage even further. The Ellison/Keelty axis was acutely aware of this, and managed the situation accordingly.

The cover up and management of the corruption could hardly be more obvious. One example is the Kessing Reports, which documented this alarming situation. The reports validated Schapelle's defence, exposing the staggering level of criminality. However, not only were they HIDDEN from Schapelle and her lawyers by the AFP and government, but Commissioner Keelty, two weeks before the verdict, stated that: "There is very little intelligence to suggest that baggage handlers are using innocent people to traffic heroin or other drugs between states".

Yet, the AFP actually HAD the reports which proved the exact opposite! They also knew that there was a massive drug operation at Sydney Airport on the very same day and at the very same time as Schapelle passed through, in exactly the same baggage make up area. They were awash with evidence and proof of the scale of the problem, but told the media, and thus the Bali court, the opposite.

Yet this... this is just one example from many.

Schapelle Corby was sacrificed to hide appalling corruption, and to protect reputations, careers, and commercial interests. She was sacrificed to appease a foreign state and protect investments. These creatures signed a death sentence on an innocent woman, and then effectively orchestrated a media campaign against her to cover their tracks.


All this has been known for several years and is largely self evident. However, self evident isn't enough when facing the agenda and organs of a state, including its media.

The betrayal of Schapelle Corby represents the worst kind of political corruption and supporting criminality. It is the grotesque sale of a human life for self interest. It is the flagrant disregard of human rights. As such, it needs to be researched. It needs to be professionally investigated. It needs to be formally documented and proved.

The good news?

The periodic rumours are true. This process has been underway for two years, and it is now well advanced. A dedicated project team, from across the world, has worked every hour, often under cover, and in some cases at personal risk.

The result will be a direct and detailed exposure of the truth... the truth which the government and establishment have hidden for all the years of Schapelle Corby's brutal torture. It is the terrifying truth of what a self-interest government is prepared to do to one of its own citizens.

When finally complete, the project will be released globally, at a time which is in Schapelle Corby's best interests. This will be announced via the People For Schapelle Newsletter, and the following Twitter account:

But this is only the start point... it is the point at which People For Schapelle members and good people everywhere will be most needed. We will have to take it to the world. We will need to bypass the Australian government and create a viral tidal wave of truth... a truth that must free Schapelle.

All of us will have a serious role to play in getting the material to every government, every corporation, every newspaper/broadcaster, every humanitarian organization, every citizen, every colleague, every friend, every associate.

We will be Schapelle's army, marching under the banner of integrity and compassion, and using the sword of truth to fight for her. Every one of us can do our bit.

It isn't a cliché.... we are all Schapelle has... we cannot fail her. We won't fail her. Failure is not an option.

Perhaps think about who you can contact and send information to. Perhaps gather email addresses. Perhaps get more people to join the People For Schapelle Facebook group. Prepare.

In the immediate term though, public and political awareness of her horrific reality in Kerobokan remains essential. There is a list of actions that can help to do this, here:

Some of these sound mundane, but for Schapelle they are critical. We must keep the candle burning. We must make them realize that Schapelle isn't going to be shoved under the carpet to die alone, on a squalid cell floor. We must make them realize that there are thousands prepared to confront them for her, if necessary.

Let's get to work, let's build the group and community, and let's be the voice that they have taken away from Schapelle.

Thank you for thinking about her, and thank you so much for caring.

People For Schapelle

Further People For Schapelle developments will be announced throughout the SchapelleGate network in due course.



Anonymous said...

Hang on Schapelle. We are coming. The people are coming. Hang on love.

Anonymous said...

I am certainly on to working on this - I will get as many people involved as humanly possible - lets all get to work and lets get to work now

Anonymous said...

I hope you hang on Sweet Schapelle there are so many people out here in the whole entire world fighting for your freedom!!

Anonymous said...

Hang on schapelle! there are people in the whole wide world supporting you
love from holland

Anonymous said...

Jeg har skrevet flere breve til diverse ministre,i dag skrev jeg til Amnesty International i DK, de lovede at sende sagen videre. Jeg bliver ved med at sende email, så de ikke glemmer Schapelle.
Jeg kan ikke glemme hende, de som kan hjælpe må ikke glemme Schapelle.

Anonymous said...

There is rarely a day goes by when I do not talk about Schapelle, either in person or on phone.

Rob Mcjannett said...

I was only in Kerobokan for 5 months and I was lucky to survive. It's a world unto itself. It's honestly like walking through one of those star gates and into a different world. The fact the Bali police don't have jurisdiction in there speaks for itself. My daily walk around the prison blocks sometimes gave me falshbacks of being stalked by enemy in the jungle when I was a soldier in the OZ army. It's unbeleivable Poor Schapelle. Dam the Federal Government what's wrong with them!

Anonymous said...

Hang in there schapelle!
The story of you shocked my so much, I can't stop thinking about what happened to you and can happen to all off us who travel the world.
I hope relief will come soon as it is already 7 years too late.
Hope for freedome!!!

From Belgium with love

Sherry said...

Hang on Schapelle..You have people in the USA praying for you and citizens trying all they can...God Bless You hon..stay strong sweet angel.
From the USA with Love

Wendy said...

Who has jurisdiction in Kerobokan prison, if Bali police don't?? It would appear lawlessness rules..

Anonymous said...

This is a drug company war, Schapelle is a hostage, a prisoner of war. Her 20 year sentence i an outrageous breach of the law
in itself.

Anonymous said...

The world is a corrupt place, this poor poor girl. I hope this nightmare ends asap, never give up, the world is behind you.

Vicky from Wales UK.

Anonymous said...

My only wish is that the Australian Government get off there asses and bring Schapelle home. We sit here and watch one of our own citizens slowly go insane in a jail, for a crime she did not commit.WHY......

Anonymous said...

Schapelle is a political prisoner of two corrupt states. The Australian government... my God! They are inhuman.

Anonymous said...

Schapelle you have reached us here in the United States of America, I am spreading the word and am praying that very soon you will return home.

rogel dias said...

I just created a new Linkedin-group "Free Corby Schapelle ASAP" and so if you have a linkedin-profile or know people who have it, then feel free to join forces or to inform other people about this Linkedin-group. United we can make a difference and change injustice into justice.

Anonymous said...

The truth has been told to the whole world; why won't Indonesia release her?

Anonymous said...

Having just watched "Law & Disorder",the Allen Kesser story I was reminded of Shapelle's ordeal.What a sad state of affairs this world has become that a goverment has betrayed one of its own citizens to cover up its own mistakes and gets away with it.This is an act of treason which is a hangable offence!!! Seems to me Howard and his government should be behind bars not Shapelle!!!People of Australia please vote for the Independants at the next Federal election and give Nick a go instead of the same BS the Liberals and Labour will dish up.They take their orders from the same the major banks..Please wake up as the future of this country and your CHILDREN depend on it..Also can you get out of this global spy network known as Facebook ASAP!!!I for one will never ever visit that website..My heart goes out to Shapelle and her family. WAKE UP!!! There is strenght in numbers and is the only way we can stop the treason that the current and Coalition goverments are commiting against the good people of Australia...

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