Australian Federal Police Corruption

The following letter was sent by Dr Janet Wilson to every member of the Australian Parliament in July 2011.

Dear Prime Minister,

Could I humbly draw your attention to the disturbing suggestion that the AFP should investigate the recently published allegations regarding the placement of marijuana into Schapelle Corby's boogie board bag in October 2004?

Could you please consider this partial list of the many serious issues which would pre-determine the outcome of such a course of action?

1. I would first refer you to the Senate Estimate hearing of 26th May 2011. In a nutshell, Commissioner Negus spent seven minutes shamefully covering for the political prosecution of Allan Kessing. He flatly refused to investigate the appalling suppression of evidence at Mr Kessing's trial, BY THE AFP THEMSELVES, which subverted the course of justice and condemned him.

2. Negus refused to even look at the possibility of re-visiting the whistleblower investigation, despite the new and confirmed evidence that a number of other individuals were able to leak the documents. Contrast this with the extensive operation to investigate and seize the royalties from Schapelle Corby's book, which were desperately needed for a special appeal and for medications. This was undertaken by the AFP with zeal.

3. You will be aware that the Kessing Reports showed systemic corruption and criminality at the airports, and particularly at Sydney. They showed that this crossed multiple agencies and organizations, and that drug syndication was out of control. I refer you Mr Kessing's interview of 4th April 2011:

You will, perhaps, be aware of how politically damaging this information would have been at the time. It was also, however, absolutely critical to Schapelle Corby, and it was WITHHELD and hidden from her throughout.

4. The evidence of drug syndication, including the common use of innocent passengers as mules, was well documented, and the AFP was demonstrably awash with it. You may recall that people were actually coming forward, having found marijuana in their bags when they arrived overseas.

And yet, two weeks before Schapelle Corby's verdict, Commissioner Keelty told the media, and thus the Bali court, that: "There is very little intelligence to suggest that baggage handlers are using innocent people to traffic heroin or other drugs between states". Why do you imagine he said that?

5. Did you know that the Law Council were appalled?. Yet they had no idea that it was not even true, and further, that the AFP KNEW that it was not true.

6. Do you recall that "Operation Mocha" was well underway when Keelty made that statement? This was the operation which netted all those corrupt baggage handlers. It was also the operation under which drugs were being syndicated on the same day, and at the same time, as Schapelle Corby passed through, and it was in exactly the same area. Please check it and see for yourself.

7. Are you aware that the head of Operation Mocha was Mark Standen, currently on trail for conspiring to import $120 million of pre-cursor drugs into Australia?

8. Whatever happened to the charges against all those sacked baggage handlers? Brushing them under the carpet was quite handy in preventing a re-focus on the Schapelle Corby travesty and, of course, on all those grubby areas it was best to keep hidden.

9. Have you never wondered how three Australian airports failed to deliver a single frame of CCTV footage, with Schapelle Corby begging for it? Have you looked at the AFP's comments to the Senate and elsewhere on this disturbing matter, and compared them with other accounts?

10. Have you ever researched the background of AFP corruption at the airports, and considered the words of former officers, like Ray Cooper, and Gary Lee-Rogers (who died of 'natural causes' in a pool of blood, having attempted to whistle blow)?

11. Does it not strike you as rather strange that the AFP should refuse to investigate Schapelle Corby, or seize her bank records in Australia, when she actually begged for a full investigation?

12. Why did the AFP brief the media against Schapelle Corby, and why were multiple statements, which are now known to be entirely false, made to Parliament?

13. Why do you imagine that the Bali police stated that it was the AFP who refused to test the marijuana for country of origin, which Schapelle Corby had formally requested?

14. The Schapelle Corby case threatened not only Australia's political relationship with Indonesia, but the AFP's close working relationship with the INP. Is it not interesting that Commissioner Keelty made so many comments which were damaging to Schapelle Corby, during a period of intense interaction with his INP counterpart and others?

15, Why have the government refused to engage with either of the two international research groups who, for two years, have been intensively investigating and documenting this, and other corruption, relating to Schapelle Corby?

NOTE: This list is a small selection from the substantial catalogue, and I have limited it to public domain information for ease of reference.

Regrettably, the truth of this matter is that the AFP have been on a political mission, fuelled additionally by the self interest motivate to hide internal corruption, indifference and incompetence.

From the very start, the Schapelle Corby case was a serious threat. It risked exposing a shocking web of criminality through the airports, including the role of the police. It was a threat to the commercial interests of Qantas and the newly privatised SACL. It threatened relations with Indonesia.

We know the inevitable outcome, as the government of the day wilfully abandoned and sacrificed her to a terrible fate.

So, could you explain why the AFP would now be allowed to play any role at all, in ANY matter, relating to Schapelle Corby?

Do you really believe that they will do anything which risks exposing a truth which will inevitably damn them?

How many injustices will you allow Schapelle Corby endure, before she escapes her torture by dying horribly on her filthy cell floor?

Or, will you finally act, and bring this mentally ill and innocent woman home to a hospital, whilst you still can?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Janet Wilson (Dr)

"What we have here is a steaming septic pit where everybody is running for cover and refusing to answer simple questions"
~ A Kessing

To date, no reply has been forthcoming. All previous attempts to raise these issues have been similarly ignored.



Robert Mcjannett said...

And 1. Ms Prime Minister could you please explain why when I was arrested at Bali airport the AFP repeatedly ignored my requests for an interview even though there is an AFP officer permanently based on the island? 2. Why was it that no investigation was commenced by the AFP immedaiately after my arrest when I was being accused of exporting drugs from Perth? 3. Why was the CCTV footage of Perth airport allowed to be wiped when clearly I was protesting my innocence and being coerced by the corrupt Bali police to change my story? 4. Why is your Department of Foreign Affairs and trade refusing to tell me if they paid $24,000.00 in taxpayer funds to my corrupt Bali Lawyer? 5. Why is your Government refusing to assist me in recouping the $70,000.00 extorted from my family and friends by the corrupt bali police?

Mike J Watson said...

Robert's story shows that this corruption is still in play today. That is what happens when you cover it up!

And what else happens is that you leave an innocent girl to be tortured to death for something she knows nothing about. In full sight of the world.

Disgusting criminals and animals, both the AFP and the Australian government.

And your press is so bent they won't report it.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that we have a credible witness to the police and judicial corruption in Bali.
Who wants to testify how the very same judge that condemned Schapelle to 20 years gaol, conspired with his defence attorney and took huge bribes.
This is a story that every newspaper should be running, but no the toxic Australian media will not write anything that would really assist Schapelle Corby's case.

Anonymous said...

People involved in heinous crimes usually have narcissistic personality, so they are totally self-centered and selfish people, with total absence of empathy, who care nothing about the damage their actions produce to the others.
What I realized is that this profile perfectly matches also with politicians. The only difference between a street rat who have no problems to open the belly of a mother of three to get 20 $ and a chief of government who roles a country is the IQ, but the moral level and the other quality are the same.
If the narcissistic person is also clever, soon in his life he realize that his selfish attitude is perceived as bad by the others, and manage to hide it under a mask of service for the sake of the community, that is a better and better strategy to gain power, respect and money, than opening bellies with knife.
How many times we have eared slogans like “I’m only a servant of the state” or “my effort for the sake of the people”, from people who want to be elected?
I’m not and Aussie, only an Italian web surfer, but I fill outraged for Schapelle. But why Australian politician who “dedicate their life for the sake of Australian people” appear so indifferent for a clearly innocent Aussie languish in jail?
Is this the reason?

What have Schapelle’s relatives to do to force them to act?
Chaining themselves in Canberra in front of the palace of the Government?
Starving themselves until death in a hunger strike?
Or set themselves on fire in a public square like Ian Palac?
I don’t know but I suppose they will act only when they will become afraid to loose the election, that seems the only important thing for them.

Rome Italy

Huang Zhen said...

I just made a Brand New Schapelle Corby Petition ( with an available widget one can upload to blog, website, ... and I explain why I made this new Petition. See

Anonymous said...

Animal sick paedophile drug dealing child kidnapping murdering trecherous thugs...what a nice government and web of authority we have here in australia.

Wilf Mentink said...

What I cannot understand is that just as the German National Police seventy years ago (GESTAPO) paraded as a "police" service, by default definition upholding law, truth, and justice, the AFP exists and operates as it does and yet is seemingly untouchable. Let there be a national police that is clean, and another, separate body, the politicians' sewer, that does what the AFP does today.

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