Schapelle's Health

Schapelle's condition continues to deteriorate, as she desperately hangs on for the result of her clemency appeal.

The recent article in New Idea magazine provided yet another illustration of her day to day struggle for survival. The following are extracts from the issue published in March 2011:

A cell mate's graphic description of Schapelle digging the cell floor with her bare hands to get to her dead father shames humanity. Yet two governments turn a blind eye, in full knowledge of the situation.

Both are in receipt of a detailed psychiatric report by one of Australia's leading psychiatrists. His diagnosis was stark, warning that she was hanging on by a thread. But these were words which neither government wanted to hear, so they they simply ignored them. Schapelle has continued to deteriorate exactly as diagnosed.

The following description from Schapelle.Net includes first hand accounts from recent visitors:

In a similar vein, Viktor Eldritch recently posted the following words:
"The grave reality for a desperately sick woman could not be further from their collective consciousness. The gut wrenching horror of Schapelle Corby's existence is as likely to occur to them as the stark truth that she is certainly innocent. It is as distant in their thoughts as the travesty of the show trial, or the unspeakable mind breaking terror that Schapelle Corby has lived for approaching seven years.

This national soap is real life unremitting torment for the victim. She really has lost her sanity as a result of the injustice, trauma and sheer brutality of her situation. She really has been deserted by a government obsessed with appeasement, and equally desperate to cover systemic corruption within its own institutions.
She really is the ultimate political punch bag, already destroyed and beaten almost to death by two complicit nations

Schapelle's life is in the balance. Saving it is down to us:
All it takes for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing

We cannot fail her. We must not.

No Words Are Needed



Luigi Condorelli said...

Had Schepelle the fortune to born France citizen, and Mr. Sarkozy would have strongly protested for her unfair trial and now she would be surely free.
But she was born Australian, a country where ministers think that innocent persons are worthless wheel of the gear, that can easily scarified on the altar of diplomacy and she is doomed.
Please Mrs. Jillard and Mr. Rudd show me I'm wrong.

Luigi Condorelli
Rome, Italy

Mrs J said...

This is just appalling. Had Schapelle been related to a government minister this would have been treated very differently and they would have released her after some quick negotiations. I've always believed in her innocence, nothing will convince me otherwise except a full confession from her. If she was guilty, she wouldn't be losing her mind with paranoia and tearing her fingers apart trying to dig through solid concrete. Only when she dies will people finally say "oh, maybe she was innocent after all". I bought her book but couldn't finish reading it as the details even then were far too distressing.

Anonymous said...

I am an American girl who has been following this case since its inception. My heart breaks for her every time I read about her. In the past I have sent her letters and pictures. I wonder if she had been an American girl could we or our President have done anything to help her. I am beyond words. :-(

Anonymous said...

"clothe yourselves in love"

Lynne said...

This is so desperately sad. There are still so many of us out here who think about Schapelle constantly and support her as best we can. I wish the 'powers that be' would see sense. Let her come home. Bless you Schapelle

Margie said...

Schapelle's predicament is indescribable. Whatever the facts of the drugs smuggling, she has endured shocking torments and prison conditions for too long. The Aust.Govt. surely can intervene here after all this time???

Anonymous said...

im just an american who's listen carefully to every little detail, a very sad case an i'm so pissed off that someone from our country won't step in this human being is fucking suffering .man i just can't believe someone can't help her. very very sorry schapelle stay strong an maybe somebody will grow some balls an help

Melissa said...

If the Australian gouverment doesn't do anything, can Europe and America work togheter to get her out? Can't de Nato do anything?

I live in Belgium and here we know about human rights and the law of Génève.

There must be something done, she has got to get out, her life is in great danger.

Jackie Lang said...

That is sort of developing Malissa. I am from England. We have had enough of watching two criminal governments murder an innocent woman. I read on Facebook that this project is international and not just Australia

Anonymous said...

this judge didnt have a conscious,she has to be reunited with her family as soon as possible.cant australian celebrity's use there status to help her some way?

i'm from belgium and SHOCKED


Fernando said...

Free Schapelle now. What can we as ordinary US citizens do?

Anonymous said...

There is a list of things to do on here Fernando: Under 'discussions'.

The people of the world have to get together, and fight them for her life. It is starting to happen.

Anonymous said...


can you spread this story around the us as much as you can please.the more people who know the more there will react.

Anonymous said...

My heart breaks for you Schapelle. Please - our Australian government. Do something to get Schapelle out of prison. It's inhumane. Thanking of you often Schapelle. Clare

Anonymous said...

Indonesia is a rogue state where corrupt individuals rule the justice system. Our hearts are with you Schapelle, and please dont give up, your day in the sunshine will come. As Clare said, its inhumane what the Indonesians are subjecting you to. This girl needs help Gillard & Rudd, get up off your backsides and show her that Australia wants her back. Russell (Melb. Australia)

Anonymous said...

Just read your book Schapelle i live in uk and had not heard your story before. I honestly believe you are innocent and will tell everyone i know in uk to buy your book and support you. Keep strong

Anonymous said...

ik vind het verschrikelijk wat dat meisje allemaal moet doorstaan ook voor de familie is dit erg,,ik heb haar boek ook gelezen,krijg er maag-pijn van.ik geloof dat je onschuldig bent.want je bent een levens genieter waarom zou je dit op het spel zetten.nooit dat weet ik zeker.ik hoop dat de 20jaar heel snel voor jou voorbij zijn.en dat je weer mag gaan genieten.hou je sterk schapelle corby.liefs uit holland.

Anonymous said...

Dear Chapelle,
your so strong. Let it makes you feel stronger to know that so many people all over the world think en fight for you. Hold on, however I know that its easy to say. But stay strong. Maybe you are soon be Free. Lots of love from a dutch woman.

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