No Words Are Needed

The Political Sacrifice Of Schapelle Corby

Note the laughing Howard, Ellison, Downer and Keelty amongst the baying crowd in the gallary.


Simba said...

Didn't notice the evil ones in the crowd until you mentioned it. How appropriate that they should sit back and watch the end result of their betrayal, the impending death of the fair and innocent maiden, Schapelle.

A very striking picture, and a very ornate frame - medieval, just like the false confession that these evil ones would have her make, in order to survive - "Recant your innocence, or burn!"

Sam Smith said...

The witch-burning image is very appropriate for this case. It is also appropriate to represent John Howard, Chris Ellison, Alexander Downer and Mick Keelty among the crowd of onlookers. You could add Phillip Ruddock and two or three dozen journalists to the crowd. And don't forget ALP politicians Kevin Rudd and Anthony Albanese who were well aware of Allan Kessing's damning customs report before it was leaked to the press but kept silent about it. Allan Kessing took the customs report directly to Anthony Albanese's office before Ms Corby's trial ended, hoping that Albanese would use the information to help her but he ignored it. They all played a part in the public burning of Schapelle Corby.

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