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Anonymous said...

Schapelle you are in everyone's thoughts we all wish you the best
we hope that freedom will come soon and life gives you some rest
I've read your story I believe the truth I feel so sad for you
supporters all around the world are sad and feel it too
I'm sure you've heard it all before and nothing means that much
but please be strong and get through this your family need your touch
it must be hard the pain you feel the life you lead in there
it's shit and awful and fit for a rat and this is so unfair
your family suffer and so do you and yet they just ignore
I hope that someone can't sleep at night once they close their door
you have a life that's been taken away and no one does f*** all
you don't deserve this hell my love I hope you never fall
stay strong in life and don't give up you've got it still to live
I'm sorry Schapelle I feel for you but words is all I give
I support you fully in ways I can and know that's not alot
I'm sorry for all the shit you have as your life seems forgot
they make me sick and angry as hell to think they could do this
the bastard people guilty as shit who've really took the piss
i can't believe that they exist and sleep so well at night
don't give up and hope they pay and please keep up your fight
if life is real and god exists then surely they will pay
until that time i hope you stay stronger by the day
i'd like to say a little bit more about the scum we hate
who put you there and carry on but i will have to wait
i hope i wait and then one time they'll get what they deserve
and you can put this shit behind and get back to your worth
i hope that this will be your past and that you will forget
i hope the bastards pay for this and suffer for their debt
i shouldn't wish revenge i know as life it can be bad
But I can't stand it when some twats make somebone else's sad
especially when the truth is there and plain for all to see
the bastards they just leave you their and go home for their tea
bless you
love andrea hall (uk)

Anonymous said...

I just found out about this today ? I dont know why after all the time that has gone by since this happened ,,what are the Australian Government doing for her ? Who can do anything and what needs to be done ? please what can be done to save her ? Why arent her Australian people protesting and why isnt her Gov going to WAR for her ,,I would !I would declare war on Indonesia for this !!

SchapelleGate said...

A good group to join is People For Schapelle, which is the official group of The Expendable Project:

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